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Robin C Nisbet

I Love To Paint & Design Beautiful Things

Life-time artist

I have come to realize whether thought of as a pastime, pleasure or passion, creating art is my calling and is a fundamental skill that I have been developing since I was 13 years old. It has taken until now, in midlife, for me to pursue my dream of painting and creating in a dedicated studio full-time. Early in my career I was a computer typesetter and graphic designer – this helped me to develop and hone my skills for using interesting compositions, design elements and working with colour.


My favourite themes and subject matter are taken from nature, with fervent attention paid to light and colour values in a style that is a nod to the impressionists, but still my own. Usually I begin with an image - a photograph I have taken or come across that sparks me to work with as a painting. As much as I’d like to always paint from actual life, it isn’t always possible but when I can I will. There is usually something in the composition or colours of the subject that will strike me as interesting. I never know how my brush strokes will come together to create the final outcome of the piece – I may have some general ideas – but I like to be more spontaneous as I work. I try to not become too bogged down in the details, but that is an ongoing part of the learning curve. The more that I paint, the more I am able to edit and make better choices in my work.


Since late 2017, I have been experimenting with water-soluble oils, but I still also enjoy the versatility of mixing acrylics with mediums and gels and using unexpected textures and matter in my work. Today, a large part of my pleasure comes from teaching other artists the skills they need to develop their own passions for painting and art-making. I have found that working alongside others in a creative group is inspiring and it helps us to succeed and push ourselves into new and interesting places we may not otherwise go.




I try to find something beautiful in the normal
and everyday vignettes I see in life.


Robin C Nisbet

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Artist. Educator. Graphic Designer.

Lover of all things art.

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